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Jonathan Arnold trained as an Electronics Engineer. He is passionate about the industry and has been involved in it since he qualified. In 1998 Jon returned to Cape Town from London and identified a gap in the market. He started Arntech Security. His vision was to give a comprehensive, friendly, reliable service to ensure that peoples homes and businesses were safe and secure. Jonathan says “For as long as I can remember my calling in life was about making sure my family was safe….this then extended to my friends and subsequently my clients. I stand by our motto- Helping to ensure the security of your World!” I also need people to realise that when you use Arntech Security, you are joining our family...and as such we will move heaven and earth to make sure you feel safe. We might not be cheapest...but we are definitely one of the ONLY Companies that will drop everything in an emergency or when you have had a break in...Check out our reviews to hear what our clients say!



Melanie helped Jon start his business in 1991. She manages the human resources and co-ordinates the marketing and advertising of the business. We are very lucky, in that we do not do print media or any other advertising, our clients come to us by word of mouth referalls. That for me is testimony to the quality of the service we provide!



Alexia has great organizational skills which she has put to good use getting the Company filling system and database set up. She also assists with the general office administration and debt collecting.



Sue is the "controlling brain" of the Company. She keeps many clients telephone numbers or email addresses in her head and manages to juggle the many balls required to keep our clients safe and happy. With a pre-primary education background she uses her exceptional organisational skills to keep the technicians and Jon on track!



Chamu is a native Zimbabwean, and one of the nicest men you will meet! Chamu joined Arntech in August 2016, having been forced to leave the industry for a couple of years due to the Company he was working for closing. He was eager to put his electronics training back into practise and is a welcome member of the Arntech team.



Candice joined Arntech in September 2017. She comes from a Security industry back ground and has fitted into the office team very well! She is updating the client files and database, answering the phone, interacting with clients and helping Sue keep things on track- especially the technicians. We are loving having Candice in the office as she is very switched on and organised.



Shukrie joined Arntech in 2010. He has an aptitude for electronics and enjoys the technical side of the work. He is our store manager and completes several repairs to our clients systems when our suplliers are unable to assist!



Rico joined Arntech in 2015. He is a generalist, and is an integral part of the Arntech team. Rico is always willing to go the extra mile, and assists us with training of new staff and over seeing large installations.



Eric joined Arntech in May 2016. He comes from a teaching background in Zimbabwe and has enjoyed stretching his legs in the Securtiy industry in Cape Town since 2009



Joe has been contracting to Arntech for several years but has joined the team permanently which we are very happy about. Joe has a friendly, helpful nature and nothing is too much trouble.



Yaaseen is an alarm and CCTV technician who has sought a position with Arntech to expand his experience. He has fitted into the Arntech team extremely well, showing his commitment to the job and our clients right off the bat. We are excited to be able to grow Yaaseen’s knowledge and experience.



RIP- Devin joined Arntech Security in June 2012, and sadly passed away in March 2017 from cancer at the age of 31. Devins quick wit, never ending enthusiasm and ready smile is sorely missed by the staff and clients of Arntech alike!



Wallace has relocated from Durban where he was running his own Company. He is a CCTV and alarm specialist with an N6 electronics diploma. He brings a calm element to the Arntech team and is bringing up the standard of service we offer with his attention to detail and understanding of electronics.

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